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Homemade Products

Larry's World Famous Polish Sausage

We have over 35 varietys of Homemade Product Including:

Fresh Polish Sausage
Smoked Poish Sausage
Smoked Turkey Polish
Kizska Ring
Liver Ring
Ring Bologna
German Bologna
Head Cheese
Hickory Stick
Summer Sausage
Snack Sticks
Hams and Bacons
Smoked Salmon Fillets
Smoked Bratwurst
Smoked Cheese Bratwurst
Green Pepper+Onion Bratwurst
Cajun Bratwurst
Andoulle Sausage
Jalepeno + Cheese Bratwurst
Toasted Garlic Bratwurst
Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst
Beer Bratwurst
Mild Sanck Stix
Hot Snack Stix
Mild Stix w/ Cheddar
Hot Stix w/ Hot Pepper
Habenero Snack Stix
Barbeque Snack Stix
Teriyaki Snack Stix

Bring us your processed Wild Game, We can make any of our products above.
(Prices May Vary, 10 Pound Minimum Per Item)